quartz glass / Destamat

Bi-distillation apparatus Bi 18E made of quartz glass


All parts of the Bi 18 E that come into contact with water are made of quartz glass. In contrast to normal laboratory glass, it is not hygroscopic and therefore resistant to H2O. These properties ensure the high purity of the distillate. A solenoid valve control of the feed water ensures a significant cost reduction, since only as much feed water (usually expensive deionized water) is supplied as is distilled off. The cooling water flow is optimized using a flow monitor. The Bi 18 E has a connection option for an additional level sensor for monitoring a distillate collecting container. When the tank is full, the device is switched off and switched on again when the level falls below the set level. The control of the apparatus is designed in such a way that the power unit is switched off in the event of a lack of cooling or feed water, thus ensuring optimum operational safety. The device Bi 18 E corresponds to the EC directive 89/336 / EEC and the EC directive 73/23 / EEC.

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