A quartz material / glass-encased, spiral-shaped, electrical heating coil with a large surface, which is mounted in a quartz material reflector shell with a handle, allows liquids to be heated indirectly by infrared radiation. This is used for the fast, economical evaporation or concentration of liquids. Due to this principle, only the surface of the liquid is heated very strongly, as the thermal radiation is absorbed even after shallow penetration, thus enabling gentle, uniform evaporation.In contrast to boiling evaporation, there is no loss of substance due to splashes from a moving boiling surface. Since surface evaporators are made exclusively from the material fused quartz / glass, it is possible to use the advantages of the material, such as good IR permeability, heat and heat change resistance, lowest electrical conductivity, exceptionally high chemical purity and resistance as a material. It complies with EC Directive 89/336 / EEC and EC Directive 73/23 / EEC.

  • Surface evaporator made of fused silica

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