The vacuum quartz sealing device OK-M210 adopts automatic sealing technology to seal samples in quartz glass tube via oxyhydrogen torch while vacuuming,which widely used for advanced material research and engineering. The oxyhydrogen quartz vacuum sealing features:1.Sealing of tubes for vacuum or inert gas protection. 2.Different sizes of tube fittings can be customized and accommodate vacuum sealing on the different tube diameters. 3.Unique rotary seal flange and the adjustable digital rotation speed. 4.The body can be tilted for vacuum sealing of long tubes up to 1m

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals - packaging machinery
  • rotatable vacuum quartz sealing device
  • vacuum sealing machine
  • Rotatable Vacuum Quartz Tube Ampule Sealing Device machine

Product features

Model OK-M210
Voltage 220V 50/60Hz
Spinning Speed 1-100 times/min
Outer Diameter of Quartz 8-45mm
Dimensions - L*W*H (mm) 300*240*690mm
Weight 45kgs
Optional Sealing Device Oxyhydrogen Generator,Vacuum Pump

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Okay Energy oxyhydrogen rotary quartz tube vacuum sealing system
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