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rubber tiles - Rubber Tiles produced by Qingdao Todo Rubber Co., LTD are comply with EN 1177, R


EN1177 rubber tiles is named by the test standard. This type rubber tile has consider the fall height of playground area. It will reduce the injuries from fall under the guidelines. Different fall height needs to use different thickness. The reason is bad structure will influence the lifetime of rubber tiles. Below is the exact reason and solution, As we all know, the playground or school does not replace the rubber tiles often. The rubber tiles will destroy for long time use. Bad structure always influence the lifetime. Todobelt has develop 3 type structure of granule combination. 20 mesh top surface + 5 mesh bottom surface is the cheapest choose. The 20 mesh top surface + 10 mesh bottom surface is the stable structure. We pay high attention to the package and pallet. The metal strapping help the rubber tile keep stable during long transport by sea or by railway. The IPPC standard pallet meet all the countries requirements.