sanding disc (SPDB)


Finixa sanding material available in different grains and dimensions. Unique composition: This solid synthetic carrier makes not only the sanding materiel very solid, but also insensitive to liquid and atmospheric humidity, no loss of quality during stock. The back has a velcro system. The aluminium oxide grains are reinforced by heating up to 1200°C (blue fire process) and are open coated glued with two glues, finished with a white sterate coating that ensures that the sanding material (resin) cannot “fill up”. Ø 75 mm Reference Description Box Outer box SPDB 0800 Grit P 800 50 10 SPDB 1000 Grit P 1000 50 10 SPDB 1200 Grit P 1200 50 10 SPDB 1500 Grit P 1500 50 10 SPDB 2000 Grit P 2000 50 10 SPDB 2500 Grit P 2500 50 10

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