Ergonomic eccentric sanding machine. Diameter bottom velcro, 15 holes : 150 mm. Available with 2,5mm deviation, for finishing work, P400 and finer sanding paper. Available with 5mm deviation, for preparatory work, P400 and coarser sanding paper. Built-in speed control, can be adjusted continuously between 0 - 20000 rpm. Extremely light : 660 gr. including sanding pad. Vibration free and reliable thanks to four layers: 2 above and 2 under the motor. Composite motor on rotor blades. Built-in option to work with or without hoover. 112 l/min at 6,3 bar. Reference Description Box pal SAM 00 pneumatic eccentric sanding machine - 150mm - 2.5mm deviation 10 200 SAM 01 pneumatic eccentric sanding machine - 150mm - 5.0mm deviation 10 200 SAM 07 Adapter exhaust hose universal - 32/35/40 mm for SAM 00/01 1 X SAM 08 All-purpose adapter exhaust hose 28mm for SAM 00/01 1 X SAM 09 sanding block adapter Ø 24mm X X


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