we are producer and exporter of wide variety of High-quality Iranian Dates with a wide range of packaging to all countries around the world. Iranian sayer date is assorted according to size and cleanness into three different grades: FAQ, GAQ ,Grade B , Select and super select jumbo in pitted or un-pitted and chopped condition . Moisture: Max 16% Shelf life : in original packing can be kept for 18 months under good storing condition Storage conditions: cool,max 18°C .the temperature should not exceed 20°C for more than 4 weeks. Packaging: 5 to 10 kg cartons or cellophane in different weights Shipment: By dry container chopped dates: normally this type of chopped dates use for cooking or use as a snack or sweet with serve with tea or coffee .this chopped date is powdered with natural rice flour for ease of flow ability and prevention of sticking together .

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