Semi-automatic gluers for non-adhesive labels max width. mm. 180-270. ELECTRIC GLUING MACHINES FOR NON STICK LABELS SERIES EME-N The label is inserted by the operator under the shaft which is located in front of the gluing cylinder which, with its continuous rotation, drag and applies a thin film of glue, handing the operator already ready to be applied. A special device allows the micrometric regulation of the glue, allowing a perfect gluing and the maximum cleanliness of the label. The EME gluing machines are made of stainless steel and brass, while the tray of glue is in ABS antacid. All parts in contact with the glue are interlocking and can be disassembled easily without any tools, making it quick and easy cleaning.

Product features

Model EME 180 N
Useful width 180 mm
Label power supply manual
Dimensions in cm 24x23x18
Weight 6 kg
Supply 220 V 50 Hz
Consumption 60 W

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