The underground waste & recycle containers, compatible with mechanical waste collection are in full accordance with the requirements of the EN 13071 series of standards and are suitable for receiving household and commercial waste, as well as recyclable materials. Thanks to the small volume taken up by the overground part, the specific underground system fully meets the needs for hygienic waste storage in parts of the city that present difficulties with regard to spatial planning and is compatible with conventional, rear-loading waste collection vehicles equipped with a truck-mounted hydraulic crane. The underground waste collection system comprises of three main parts: 1.The main body. 2.The waste storage bin. 3.The platform and waste insertion pillar.

Dustbins, waste bins
  • underground waste collection system
  • Underground waste & recycle containers

Product features

with a capacity of 3m3 EN 13071
with truck-mounted hydraulic crane underground waste collection system

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