Product description Shaft support rail unit SMTSN 12-T2-W length precisely lengths to the millimetre, choosable up to 6000mm, with rail in aluminium and shaft in hardened, quality: Cf53 (1.1213) This system you can combined with all open (look the "o" in the name of article) housing units, see categorie: Urgent notes for order: The excat required length of the unit please enter in the bottom field. If you give us no note there, we supply automatically the maximum length of this article. The type SMTSN we deliver assembled to you. Product data unit: Dimensions: Type d A h +/- 0,15 V N1 N2 d1 d2 W (°) E T weight./kg* SMTSN-12 12 40 22 5 8,0 5,0 4,5 4,5 5,8 50 29 120 0,52 *weight in the table it relates to a rail with length 600mm without shaft. depending on the length of the shaft support rail unit, the rail is composed of several individual section T5 min = 20mm the weight of the unit you´ll see down on this side material of shaft support: Aluminium Product data shaft: Material shaft: Cf53 Hardened: 59-65 HRC Rht min.0,6 Grounded Tol. h6 (0-11my) Surface roughness: Ra <= 0,3 Weight (shaft only): 0,89kg/m Straightness:0,2mm/m Predrilled: see the table Chamfer: on both sides of the shaft appr. 1 - 2mm x 30° (depending the diameter of the shaft)

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