sheet metal rolling

sheet metal rolling
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Our specialized team enables us to carry out virtually any task related to the rolling of metal sheets up to 3000 mm in length and up to 25 mm in thickness. For complex shapes, we use micro-joints at key locations, and they will be removed after the process is complete. By bending the ends of parts, we eliminate the need for runouts, which translates into significant material savings. We roll rolls, ovals and cones, but we are also ready to meet the special requests of our customers. We have modern machinery, which guarantees precise execution of each order. We always meet the agreed deadlines, working efficiently and effectively. We offer customers a comprehensive service, which also includes sheet metal cutting service.

  • Bending - steels and metals
  • sheet metal coiling
  • metalworking
  • steelworking

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77-200 Koczała - Poland