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A line of fully ecological paper shavings-crinkle shreeded paper in various widths, thicknesses and scent lines will meet your every need for product protection and presentation. Prefect eco paper shavings, which have primarily decorative function - they emphasize and exposing the product, but also secure the product in a box against damage and harmful effects of shocks. Currently we introduced new series of deluxe which are dust-free paper shavings with perfect elasticity and structure. Short springs which has a nice look allows for precise and quick confectioning. Adapting to the shape of the product and providing even better protection during products transport. They are perfect for the cosmetics, ceramics, hand made products, fashion, food and alcohol industries. We offer wide range of colours and width. This eco fillers can easily eliminate plastic packaging elements. Shredded paper allows to build up eco friendly face for all brands and reduce waste.

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