Ski simulator PROLESKI PRO1 PRO 2 PRO3 PRO3V PRO3D has a sloping surface on which multi-layered belt with special coating is moving. Movement of the belt is directed upwards the sloping surface in the opposite direction to skiers and/or snowboarders. The instructor with the help of the remote control sets and changes speed of moving belt from calm to extreme slope (maximum speed of movement of the belt is 25 km/h, electronically limited). For safety the simulator provides smooth start-up and smooth stopping of the belt that prevents skiers from falling and possible injuries. Moreover, throughout all length of the side-fencing along the central plank laser sensors are installed that are connected to the device of emergency stop of the belt. With the help of the sensors any of the skiers can stop the simulator easily if necessary.

Skiing and winter sports - equipment and accessories
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