led-light tunnel: For a very diffuse light like a led dome, but better to integrat in a production line. The planistar light tunnel can produce in any size you need for your machine vision application. In the led light tunnel we integrat three systems of edge light systems, so it's a very diffuse led lighting. led Dark field light for steady burning light, switch or flashing: Due to the patented reflector technique the light will be delivered only to a determined direction. this produces an equal dark area over a big examination area. You you have an very legal dark field lighting for your vision system. It's very good for waver and glass. But it's also an lighting solution for many other applications. Xled-Flat dome lights: By the especially patented pressure on the light conductor the light arrives on the examination object, but not into the camera. Due to the depth of field the grid print disappears for the camera and therefore, there is no breakthrough (dark stain) visible on the ecamination area. The flat dome light is very good for reading codes and labels. Coaxial light: these coacial light have a semi-permeable mirror. The light entrance and exit is covered with a non-reflecting real glass. They are equipped with power LED and latest power electronics. The power ist controlled inside.

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