Our foundry has it's own engineering and design team including a pattern shop with CNC Router for producing own patterns. 3D design and analyze softwares are professionally applied into the castings. Induction melting is done with double ladle furnace and Alpha-set moulding line is used with reclamation unit. When casting is done, heat treatment and shot blasting could be done within the facility. Our lab consists main test equipments such as spectrometer, metal microscope, mechnical testing machines and also sand test equipments. Mainly our productions are medium-high alloyed steel castings, heat resistant refractory steels and stainless steel from small to large volumes with un-machined or machined conditions. We supply casts to industries such as construction, oil & gas, cement, mining, energy, iron & steel, pump, valve, defense, railway, heat treatment etc. and casting pieces from 1 to 60 kg with automatic moulding line or 60 kg to 1.000 kg with manuel moulding.

Casting, steel
  • steel casting Petrol & Gas