stop-it metal

Hose clip for flexible hoses, galvanised steel and aluminium


The materials steel and aluminium ensure that the stop-it metal is extremly heat resistant and sturdy. The hose clip is available in four different sizes, for hose diameters up to max. 30 mm. The hose clip can be used wherever the flow in hoses with liquids or gases needs to be regulated or stopped. Stepless flow regulation: With the hose clip stop-it's knurled screw, a stepless, delicate flow regulation or complete stop of the flow are possible, even for existing hose connections. The hose is compressed over a wide area against the sturdy steel hook in order to prevent it from being damaged.

Chemical industry - machinery and equipment
  • tubings
  • industrial equipment
  • laboratory equipment

Product features

Material Galvanised steel and aluminium

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