There are holes in titanium flanges and bolts make two titanium flanges connected to each other. Titanium flanges can be made by casting, threaded connection or welding.flange joint includes a pair of titanium flanges, a gasket, a number of bolts and nuts. The gasket is put between the contact surfaces of two titaniun flange. After the bolts are tightened,the specific pressure on gasket are up to a certain value, then the gasket are out of shape and fill in contacting surface of two titanium flanges in order to seal flange joint closely. Titanium alloy forgings Forged ASME SB-F5 ,100% Ultrasonic Testing Density:4.50 g/cm3 Melting point: 1941 K (1668 oC) Boiling point: 3560 K (3287 oC) Applications: offshore, chemical processing

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