touch up tips


100 touch up tips packed in a convenient and dust free dispenser. Ideal for touching up small paint damage. The plastic shaft with plush free tip is disposable, convenient and cheaper than a classic brush. Always a clean tip at hand! Can also be used as a pencil. By changing the pressure, you receive a bigger or smaller print. Ideal for making small lines. Available is 3 thicknesses: blue (regular) = 2.0mm / yellow (fine) = 1.5mm / white (very fine) = 1.0mm Thickness of the applicator = 3.28mm Reference Description Box pal PMP 20 touch up tips blue in a dispenser 100p. REGULAR - 2.0mm 96 x PMP 21 touch up tips yellow in a dispenser 100p. FINE - 1.5mm 96 x PMP 22 touch up tips white in a dispenser 100p. VERY FINE - 1.0mm 96 x

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