Spindle individually matched to the flow range Linear flow rate characteristic => Very fine regulation Due to special design very fine regulation and shutting off possible Available with adjustment scale => Reproducible adjustments The fine control valves regulate even the smallest flow rate with high precision. Worth mentioning is the exact, linear flow rate characteristic. Different spindle types, precisely matched to the media and the flow range, make numerous applications possible. Additional safety and reliability are achieved by means of the spindle thread outside the media flow. The fine control valves is available in the materials PP, PVDF and PTFE and is suitable for the usage of aggressive media. Various types are available: the manually operated fine control valve is available with and without adjustment scale. At constant pressure and/or constant density, the adjustment scale enables liquid or gaseous flows to be exactly and reproducibly adjusted. Even more variable are the fine control valves with electrical actuator. The actuator can be opened and closed, stopped at any intermediate position and then opened or closed further – precise and reproducible for the specific application.

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