If required available with spring => Prevents return flow even on very slight pressure drop => Any installation position Housing made of PP, PVDF and PFA => High media resistance With seam-less G- or NPT-thread => Numerous connection options COMPACT version with spring, ball and integrated tube connectors for direct inline installation O-ring valve seat => Very high tightness Whenever a medium is to be prevented from flowing back into a system, or devices are to be protected against blow back, check valves are used. Three types are available: The check valve without spring is primarily used for the protection of fittings against blow back from a system. These valves have a low opening pressure. The check valve with spring on the other hand prevents the medium from flowing back when the pressure simply drops. Here the spring ensures that the valve closes automatically. The new check valve (COMPACT) contains a spring and ball which reliably prevents the medium from flowing back into the system. With the two integrated tube connectors it is ready for inline installation.

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