Nominal diameters DN05 => good flow rate even with soiled media Diaphragm made of XP40 => high media resistance => reliable and long-lived Sealing principle: diaphragm with 90° cone made of XP40 => high tightness even with soiling Design with less dead space => ideal with the special connectors (conical ends) from our modular system Any installation position => variable usage The series 5P diaphragm valves can be used in practice as shut-off valve, safety valve and in the 2/-3-way version even for distributing or collecting. The key to durability and reliability lies in the construction of the valve. Compared to customary diaphragm valves the flow is not regulated just by the diaphragm, but in the combination with a 90° sealing cone. The advantage of this is to protect the diaphragm and to prevent particle deposition. The diaphragm material XP 40 is characterized by excellent sealing tightness and media resistance and requires a low opening pressure. The nominal diameter DN05 ensure a very good flow rate even with soiled media. The series 5P diaphragm valve is pneumatically controlled and thus also particularly suitable for usage in plant and process circuits: In case of pressure drop the media can be continued to flow, be interrupting or diverted. Even in ex-protected areas former used solenoid valves can easily be replaced by emtechnik diaphragm valves.

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