varimed® Examination and massage couches

ECG examination couches, Recovery couches


- Long-wearing upholstery with leatherette cover. - Rounded, reinforced edges, seamless upholstery. - All examination couches with spacer block between frame and upholstery - no risk of crushing fingers! - Levelling feet to compensate unevenness of floors. - Tubular steel frame of solid construction, 40 x 20 mm, feet of couches, 30 x 30 mm, chromium-plated or with high-quality powder coating of extreme knock and scratch resistance. Accessories: Paper roll holder, Paper roll, 500 mm wide Options: Different height up to max. 830 mm (from 700 mm height upwards, including transverse and longitudinal bracing) Mobility: 4 swivel-mounted castors diam. 125 mm, 2 castors with total locking device, antistatic, 1 castor with directional locking, with revolving bumpers diam. 150 mm, longitudinal bracing. All castors are resistant to abrasions. Different width of +/– 150 mm (max. width of 900 mm) Different length of +/– 150 mm

Massage - equipment
  • Examination couches
  • Treatment couches
  • Massage couches

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Manufacture Made in Germany

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