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Vending Machine Gear Motor
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Coffe and vending machine motor Plastic spur gear motor Plastic gear Motor Ordering Infomation When buy POWER JACK MOTION gear motor,pls note the followings: Parameters(new user) Rated voltage,rated output power or torque,rated speed the noise limit request,gear reduction ratio meet the installation dimension etc Supporting product type (for replacement motor) Current gear motor types and application(provide product catalogs,drawings as much as possible Ancillary product technical parameters Operation mode:continuous,intermittent or short term structure,output,outline drawing and feature of the motor that you have used and others Quantity demand,expecting price,packing requirements etc Features: VD stand for vending machine gear motor CF stand for coffee machine gear motor These gear motor are idea for Dispensing systems Wide range gear ratio to choose Torque:from 0.5NM to 2NM Speed range:from 11rpm to 130 rpm Economy cost design to meet large quantity request

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