vidaXL Fly Curtain 100x220 cm Chenille Anthracite

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This fly curtain works through flexible and soft chenille strands that keep flies, mosquitoes and other insects out of your home, camper or caravan. Now you can really enjoy your day or sleep undisturbed. This curtain is removable, easy to keep clean and water resistant. The closely spaced strands provide privacy and prevent heat and insects from entering. The strands are made of polypropylene chenille that works silently, so you can easily step inside. Colour: anthracite. Material: 100% polypropylene chenille. Afmetingen: 100 x 220 cm (B x H). Lightweight and quiet. Adjustable length and width. Includes hooks to fix the curtain to the door. Material: Polypropylene: 100%.

  • Armchairs
  • Fly Curtain
  • Caravan Curtain
  • Camper Curtain

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