Visable stands by you against COVID-19!

In order to promote supply chain continuity in areas affected by the COVID-19 crisis, EUROPAGES invites potential suppliers to report the raw materials and products that they are able to continue to manufacture and ship.

Manufacturers and distributors

Do you manufacture or distribute products or equipment that can help health care facilities, merchants or businesses cope with COVID-19 and protect their staff in their day-to-day operations?

Products for health care organizations

  • Protections for caregivers or staff in contact with patients
  • Raw materials needed to make hydroalcoholic gel, masks, ...
  • Tests to detect the virus in the environment
  • Shielding solutions and materials
  • Reagents needed for testing / list available here

Products for commercial organizations

  • Protection of employees (hygiaphones, gloves, masks, visors)
  • Safe distance management solutions (signaling, ground marking)
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Decontamination solutions

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Have you reconfigured your production line and modified your distribution networks to help fight COVID-19?

If you have reconfigured your production lines for the manufacture of:

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