Visable stands by you against COVID-19!

The Visable team (publisher of the Europages platform) is committed to the fight against COVID-19.

Europages is a sourcing search engine: our site, available in 26 languages, references suppliers from around the world and helps you get in touch with them.

To facilitate your search, you will find on this page a set of links that will allow you to quickly find all the suppliers referenced on the Europages network for the most searched products linked to this epidemic.

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Are you a health care facility, a retirement home, a nursing home or a health professional?

We thank you for your daily commitment to those in need of care. We understand that your workload is immense at the moment and our team is offering to help you find suppliers and get quotes.

If you're looking for suppliers of products to fight COVID-19 or protect/help your staff, our team offers to help you find the partners that will best meet your needs.

To do this, fill out the form below, we will process your application on a voluntary basis and try to find suppliers and quotes to meet your needs. We will prioritize requests from health facilities and do our utmost to respond to all.

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Does your company manufacture or supply products or equipment that can help fight COVID-19?