wafer measuring system

wafer measuring system

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Wafer Measuring System: 1.Measurement of displacement-type non-contact coaxial laser displacement sensor. 2.Linear motor high precision gantry movement mechanism. 3.Compatible with polished unpolished transparent and non-transparent wafer measurements. 4.Compatible with 1-8 inch wafer samples (can be extended to 300mm 12 inch products). 5.The coplanar air floating mobile bearing ensures that the sample moves with extremely high flatness and smoothness. 6.The measured thickness of a wafer ranges from 10um to 20mm. 7.Maximum scanning speed is 1m/s. 8.Apply to the thickness, TTV, LTV, TIR, Sori, Taper, Bow and Warp measurement parameter and standard.

Surveying equipment
  • wafer measuring
  • Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • Laser measuring equipment

Product features

measure thickness 10-20μm
max scanning speed 1m/s

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