wePACK 7000


The perfect thermoformer for packing your sliced products Whatever you slice – wePACK: Right from the start, the development of the wePACK was focused intently on the requirements of our customers. The result is a packaging machine which is consistently geared to slicing applications and which delivers maximum output, as well as ease of operation and servicing. Thanks to its hygienic design and a high level of automation, the wePACK guarantees maximum food safety. From product preparation to quality checked primary packaging, we offer everything from a single source. This unique situation takes the integration of slicers, automation, packaging and end-of-line equipment to a new level. Weber combines strong single components to even stronger complete line solutions. The boundaries between individual components disappear, so that the complete slicing line merges into one unit. NEW: Optimized software for the integration of infeeding systems

Food industry packaging machinery
  • Packaging machine
  • thermoformer for packing
  • packaging

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