Winding processor The winding processor is a winding card which is suited for the control and regulation of a centre winder for winding and unwinding drives with DC shunt motors. Due to a continuos diameter calculation the device delivers to the output controller the necessary set point speed and torque values, so that the once selected tensile force is preserved over the whole winding area. Functions: direct tension control through tension measurement or via dancer indirect tension control through current limit simple preselection of the various winding operations by jumpers continuos diameter calculation and automatic diameter storage during the idle period with reset, setting and stop function preselection of two sleeve diameters or external presupposition of the diameter calculation of the winder torque tension set point integrator automatic idle tension reduction calculation of the winding shaft speed, guaranteeing thus, also in case of an indirect tension control, an overspeed protection over the whole winding area. band-crack monitoring friction compensation superposed P.I.D.-controller for direct tension control with tension load cell or dancer potentiometer preselection of the winding rotation for "winding from the top" or "winding from the bottom" by external switchover Winding processor Dimensions: Eurocard 100 x 160 mm front panel 3 U / 12 HP plug connector DIN 41612 / Type D32 supply 230 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz reference input 0 - 10 VDC output signal 0 - ±10 VDC

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