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MB-60E – cost-effective door system with a thermal barrier The MB-60E system is intended for execution of doors with a thermal barrier as well as window sets incorporating a door unit. It allows to obtain a construction featuring good functional properties combined with high technical parameters, ensuring at the same time cost efficiency of production, convenience and shorter time required for door installation, which is of prime importance in the times when so much emphasis is put on economy at each stage of investment realization. The MB-60E system is a part of a popular and generally appreciated MB-60 door & window system. A characteristic feature of the system is its close compatibility with other door & window systems manufactured by ALUPROF S.A., which enables utilization of common accessories and glazing beads. The construction depths of profiles, featuring 3-chamber construction, equals 60 mm. The surface of leaves is aligned with the door frame both as seen from the..

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