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MORE LIGHT, BETTER MOOD The HST 74 system makes it possible to create interesting passages from rooms to a terrace, balcony or garden. Large glass panes guarantee a large inflow of light into the room. To increase the aesthetic qualities, a threshold has been used which is almost invisible. AESTHETICS AND COMFORT The HST sliding door was designed, as a complement to the S8000 system. This element enables existing and future homeowners to create interesting passages from rooms to the terrace, balcony or garden. The new HST doors open architecturally interesting perspectives not only in the newly erected buildings. Also in the case of renovation of existing houses, the installation of the HST door can significantly contribute to the comfort and aesthetics of the flat. LARGE GLASS SURFACES MAKE GOOD MOOD HST sliding doors are used wherever special attention is paid to spacious construction, without any barriers. Large glass surfaces ensure a constant supply of light to the interior...

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