Small geared engines up to 1.5 kW This gear series comprises one and two-stage worm gears, cylindrical gears with worm pre-stage as well as three-stage cylindrical gears. All gears can be equipped by default with three-phase, one-phase, DC shunt-wound or permanent magnet motors. The housings are made of an aluminium alloy. All shafts are carried in ball bearings. The inner parts are high-precision processed and all types are available on request with base plates, flanges or tapped holes in all areas (except the driving side). The gears are completely closed (without lubrication fittings) and can be installed in any position. Permitted ambient temperature: -15°C up to +40°C The gears are life-lubricated with a liquid grease. The same production series is also available with free input shaft - except for the cylindrical gear with worm pre-stage. - Please send us your inquiry

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