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Find pleasant comfort during your meditation and yoga practice with the elegant, modern, eco friendly zafu and crescent meditation cushion. *Zafu cushion Designed for optimum comfort, the zafu cushion is 40 cm in diameter and 10 cm in height. *Crescent meditation cushion Crescent meditation cushion's shape leaves space for your heels to tuck close to your body.The tapered crescent shape keeps your pelvis gently tilted forward to help you maintain a comfortable, natural curve in your lower back, while supporting your thighs. 50 cm wide,15 cm high in the back, tapers to 8cm in the front. *Removable cotton outer slipcover with a hidden zip for easy cleaning. *The zippered inner slipcover is filled with approximately 1.5 kg of wheat husk. Wheat husk is an environmentally friendly material. It is light and heat regulating. It takes shape according to everyone's own body structure for the most comfortable meditation sitting.

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