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The procurement market under pressure: how SMEs can brave the crisis

First the COVID-19 pandemic, then the Ukraine war and inflation: global developments have put the procurement market under constant strain. One thing can help mitigate this trend: a well-thought-out supplier management plan. Find out here how you can achieve this with the right purchasing strategy.

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Complex plant projects with multiple components and planning phases require comprehensive experience and expertise in plant integration. HAVER & BOECKER links our core screening, washing and pelletizing technologies with supplementary components of our vendors. The North American mineral processing brand W.S. Tyler is also a part of HAVER & BOECKER. Tyler technology can be implemented into your plant. HAVER & BOECKER offers the “single source” principle where a single contractor takes over full responsibility for project execution. Engineering knowledge, modern systems integration and software solutions provide the basis for successful planning and implementation. Building a plant with our customers is a mutual partnership. The processing specifications and needs of our customers, in combination with our global experience, are the keys to achieving a profi table mineral processing plant. Screening and Crushing Plants Washing Plants Pelletizing Plants Screening and Crushi


Two-stage gear drive with solid shaft Gear Type: SN19F Motor Type: Three-Phase and Direct Current Mounting: Flange Ausgangswelle: Solid Shaft Additional Data: — Ball bearings for motor and gear — Worms hardened and ground — Wormwheel made of special bronze alloy For further information see product detail page.


Flat, dished, toothed, bottom knives, knife holders

United Kingdom

We offer a massive range of Furniture & Chair Feet installing both internally and externally, useful as replacements, upgrades or during the manufacturing of a piece of furniture. Our large range includes a number of Plastic, Rubber & Metal styles to suit all applications, from wooden and tiled floors, to concrete. As one of the UK's leading suppliers, we also offer more advanced styles for use within industries such as Hospitality or Educational, where it is important to ensure grip on a surface. Our School Chair Feet as an example have been specifically designed to fit internally into school chairs and furniture, produced in bright colours to enable colour-coding, and visible wear. Feel free to check out our vast range on our website, where you can check out directly, request a quote, or request a free sample to test for larger projects. Please note that as a manufacturer, we can in most cases create custom styles or sizes to your requirements.


With impressively low emissions and its ability to be converted for biofuels or hydrogen, the UL-S is designed to be future-proof. — Very high efficiency for low running costs and emissions — Complete system with customer-specific equipment and future-proof technology — Extremely well proven design “Made in Germany”, highly durable and easy to maintain — Consistent steam quality for reliable supply — Custom designs available for heat recovery boilers, hybrid or superheated steam — Smart boiler control and seamless system integration with digital assistants — Fuel: Oil, gas, multi-fuel firing, Biogas, bio-oil, hydrogen, special fuels


Maximum automation – for the 38 – 160 mm calibre range at up to 160 cycles per minute in continuous mode The FCA 160 offers unrivalled versatility combined with highest automation. It closes collagen casings up to 90 mm, fibrous casings up to 120 mm and plastic casings up to 160 mm (depending on the material thickness). Subject to technical modifications.


Experience the taste of authentic North African dishes with our tagines. This unique cooking pot consists of a wide, shallow base and a conical lid, through which the steam condenses and returns to the dish. The result is a juicy and tasty meal full of delicious aromas.


Top quality aluminium system, 70mm,80mm,60mm


Thanks to its own sugar know-how, DSEC specialized in sugar plants EPC construction. The company acquired its expertise through the realization of many projects, ranging from audits of existing installations up to the turnkey construction of new industrial complexes. As for its other activities, DSEC is able to execute sugar related projects under the form of full EPC contracts, being familiar with all aspects of the project's implementation. DSEC not only masters specific sugar techniques and technologies but also all related process auxiliaries, civil works, steel structures, installation works, start-up and commissioning activities, including training of the client's personnel. DSEC’s project design and construction management gives paramount importance to the respect of health and safety and environment norms as well as to technical efficiency and ease of operation. The monitoring of project cost, time schedule and performances is the essence of any EPCM or EPC commitment. DSEC has developed proprietary technological and thermodynamic programs that very accurately simulate the operation of plants, from overall Heat & Mass Balances down to unitary process operations. In terms of drawings, DSEC uses a powerful 3D drawing and construction management tool (SmartPlan®) that dramatically improves material purchasing activity and site installation efficiency through a high level of prefabrication works. The importance of cogeneration and energy saving concepts has deeply changed the design of sugar plants construction and refineries over the last thirty years. DSEC is particularly proud of the results obtained in plants that have been built or upgraded in accordance with its studies and recommendations. DSEC’s independence from equipment suppliers and technology providers allows selecting the best possible technical solutions with a view of optimizing performances, energy recovery, maintenance and cost to the benefit of any project. In addition to state-of-the-art projects, DSEC’s engineering skills combined with agro process know-how have been selected by major players for developing large scale industrial units from laboratory developments and pilot plants. The projected increase in world sugar demand of 100 million tons over the next 15 years makes De Smet Engineers & Contractor’s knowhow in sugar plants EPC construction extremely valuable for the market.

United Kingdom

High-capacity industrial vibrating screens & sieve machines for improving product quality and purity. For more details, please send us a message or click on the website link.