Precision 1/4 range plate beamsplitters
For use in Visible, Near Infrared & Telecoms wavelengths with 50/50 split ratio  - KNIGHT OPTICAL (UK) LTD


Precision grade plate beam splitters offer higher flatness and parallel specifications particularly useful in laser and imaging applications. Both faces of these precision beamsplitters are polished to a high degree of flatness of λ/4 and have excellent surface quality. Precision splitters are made from high quality optically polished BK7 with both surfaces controlled to a high degree of parallelism. Our stock ranges of precision beamsplitters are available for use in Visible, Near Infrared and Telecoms wavelengths with 50/50 split ratio. The beamsplitter coating is a high quality dielectric coating, the non-splitting face of the beamsplitter is multilayer antireflective coated to eliminate second face ghosting effects. For more information read the PDF

Optical measuring equipment
  • Precision plate beamsplitters
  • Broadband polarising beamsplitters
  • Standard polarizing beamsplitters

Product features

Material: N-BK7
Diameter: +0/-0.1mm
Length/Width: +/-0.1mm
Thickness: +/-0.1mm
Surface Quality: <40:20 scratch/dig
Flatness: λ/4 over 90% aperture (both faces)

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