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The best choice in fashionable footwear. Supplier of: Shoes, men's | Shoes, ladies' | sports shoes | shoes | women's shoes [+] Footwear | footwear manufacture | fashion design | fashion | footwear distribution | men's shoes | men's shoes | creation of shoes | comfort shoes | comfort shoes
Figueres-Girona - SPAIN
Used clothes from South Spain close to the ports of Algeciras and Malaga. Tropical and non-tropical mix in 10kg sacks; designer brands included in mixes when available. Used shoes, trainers and boots.... Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | used shoes | used designer clothes | used household textiles | used clothes from spain
Ronda - SPAIN
we are a specilaized company of used clothes .Our Place Space is arround 4500 Square Meter , where we classify , sort and store our product.ur works start with classification of the clothes , shoes ,... Supplier of: Clothes - second-hand | used clothes exprorters in spain | second hand clothes in spain | used shoes | used clothing export
Partida El Altet - SPAIN
Supplier of: Beach shoes | shoes | thong sandals
Sant Boi De Llobregat - SPAIN
Purchase and sale of used and second-hand clothes. Used shoes and bags in perfect condition. Cotton rags and cloth for industrial use. Supplier of: Fabrics | Textiles - recovery and recycling | recycled clothes | used clothing | second-hand clothes [+] household cloths | rags reprocessing | textile fibres
Agullent-Valencia - SPAIN
We buy and sell used and new clothes and shoes by weigth or by pcs. Supplier of: Clothing - import-export | second hand clothes | used clothes
Alicante - SPAIN
...and Investments of the Club,Projects and Clothes and Shoes Project Supplier of: Cosmetics | partner | project | investment
Palma De Mallorca - SPAIN
...Spanish based wholesale importer and exporter of used clothing, shoes and household textiles. Our clothing is sorted and graded into various categories according to customer requirements. Generally... Supplier of: Textiles - recovery and recycling | Clothes - second-hand | used clothing
Alicante - SPAIN


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...provide high quality handcrafted mens and ladies shoes and boots in regular and large sizes at a reasonable price from Spain.We are suppliers of some of the most important footwear companies and brands all over the... Supplier of: Leather and shoes - supplies and accessories | hand-made footwear | men's and women's footwear
Almansa - SPAIN
You DESIGN, we MANUFACTURE. Private label shoes. We work only with the finest leather materials, using the knowledge and tradition of working with leather and footwear in SPAIN.We also have our own brand... Supplier of: Shoes, ladies' | shoe leather | fashion shoes for women | tailored shoes for women | designer leather goods
Valencia - SPAIN
...the manufacture and sale of high quality men’s shoes in large sizes. Our company is located in Almansa, one of the most traditional Spanish areas in the footwear industry.The essence of PETER HUNT is in its handcraft... Supplier of: Footwear | large shoes for men | large size shoes
Almansa - SPAIN
...for DIABETICS, and ORTHOPAEDIC footwear, for feet with malformations, such as claw toes, bunions, extra-wide feet, insole users, etc. We produce shoes under health licence and with CE marking. Supplier of: Boots and shoes, leather | Footwear, orthopaedic | footwear manufacturer for diabetes sufferers | orthopaedic footwear manufacturer | comfortable footwear manufacturer [+] footwear manufacturer for diabetics | comfy footwear manufacturer | footwear for the elderly | medical footwear | heel pieces and stacked heels adapted | slippers | comfy slippers | footwear for the hotel industry | men's footwear | men's shoes
Almansa - SPAIN
...textile recycling .We are looking for companies which can buy us sorted clothes and shoes in containers of 20 or 40 feets. We are also intereting in suppliers of unsorted clothes and shoes. Supplier of: Clothing - import-export | used clothing and shoes | second hand clothing and shoes
Aspe (alicante) - SPAIN
Supplier of: Industrial design | footwear design
Elche - SPAIN
Supplier of: Lorries, vans and commercial vehicles
Teruel - SPAIN
Supplier of: Footwear
Elche - SPAIN
Supplier of: Footwear
Elda - SPAIN
Supplier of: Glues, adhesives and applicators
Catral - SPAIN
Supplier of: Footwear
Elche/Elx - SPAIN
Supplier of: Footwear
Elda - SPAIN

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