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  • Only the best materials, combined with painstaking work to enable the creation of a unique product of matchless quality, this is how Caminati Leather scrap & stock chooses to work. Specialised in... Supplier of: Leather and skins for fine leather goods | skin dealers | import of skins and hides | textured skins | tanneries [+] leather goods | leather samples | leather remnants | work gloves | trimmed soles | worn leather removed | leathers purchased | leathers purchased | sale of hides
    ITALY - Forli'
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  • We market and sell all types of leathers. Specialised in finishings, bespoke pigmentations. Tanning, lamination, finishes, representation of leather. Supplier of: skin dealers | Furs - machines and equipment | Leather goods, fine | rolled | shoe leather [+] tanning | leather | laminated leather for leather goods
    SPAIN - Elda-Alicante
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  • Supplier of: skin dealers | leather and skins export | Suedewear | leather backs
    COLOMBIA - Medellin
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  • Supplier of: Leather and skins for fine leather goods | skin dealers | Leather Goods | high-quality, handcrafted, bespoke leather goods | leather bags and accessories
    FRANCE - Nantes
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  • Supplier of: Leather and skins for footwear | skin dealers | sheepskin | clothing leathers | footwear shells
    GREECE - Thessaloniki
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  • Supplier of: Leather and skins, untreated | skin dealers | raw hides | hides | wholesale of hides
    GREECE - Megara
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  • We are dealers in animal skins of various forms like Wet salted, wet blue, finished and semi finished. Supplier of: Import-export - leather and imitation leather | deer | cow hides | calf | buffalo hides
    HUNGARY - Budapest
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  • Established in the year 1981, we have developed our expertise in manufacturing customized products as per client's specific requirements. Our in-depth understanding of the products enable us to offer... Supplier of: Carpets, handmade | Bedside rugs | cushions | carpets | indian rugs
    INDIA - Bhadohi
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