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Our single-use tableware products (plates, bowls, cups, boxes) are biologically and compostably self-degradable in nature, made from renewable sugarcane fibers. 0% Plastic – A Healthy Choice 100% plant biomass without any glue, lining, adhesive, laminate, or coating. Completely natural, dissolves in nature within 60 to 90 days. Vermilion tableware doesn't involve cutting down trees. Raw material obtained from plant fibers after industrial processing. Liquid & oil-resistant. Resistant to 100 degrees Celsius water and 120 degrees Celsius oil. Doesn't bend or break. Does not alter the taste of food. Microwave-safe. All products carry the 'food contact safe' sign. Hygienic. Can be safely used in a microwave, heater, or oven, and is resistant to temperatures between -20°C and +150°C

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