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    BELGIUM- Gembloux
    ETERNUM - Verified by Europages

    ...and sale of stainless steel flatware and tableware. Present in over 60 countries through our network of distributors and local agents, 80% of our sales are for the export market. Our main office is...

    Supplier of: Tableware | stainless steel tableware | designer tableware for 5-star hotels | Crockery | Stainless steel - cutlery [+] Spoons, forks and knives | stainless steel kitchen knife | stainless steel knives | stainless steel table knives | silverware | silver flatware | dinner sets for institutions | cutlery for hotels | cutlery for restaurants | table ornaments

    Brands : Collection ETERNUM | Collection ETERNUM SIGNATURE

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    GERMANY- Weißwasser
    STÖLZLE LAUSITZ GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Through its four production lines to manufacture high-quality, lead-free crystal glasses automatically, Stölzle Lausitz GmbH offers one of the world's most modern manufacturing facilities. As a...

    Supplier of: tableware | Glass hollowware - household articles | Crystal glass | Crystal glassware | drinking glasses [+] glasses | chalices | decanters | crystalware gifts | pitchers | carafes | carafes for ice cream parlours and bars | crystal liquor bottle | straws | coffee cups

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    RUSSIA- Kolchugino
    SILVER FACTORY «ARGENTA» - Verified by Europages's range of products: - cutlery, - tableware, - glasses, - decor items, - tea and coffee sets, - souvenirs - children's cutlery and tableware made from 925 sterling silver. The...

    Supplier of: Tableware | Silver articles | Gold and silver articles | Cutlery, gold and silver | Silver-plating - silversmith's [+] silver coffee service | silver ornaments and objects | silver cups | silver plate | cutlery | silver | gift items | silver giftware | silver cleaning | wholesale silverware

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    FRANCE- Carvin
    SAS STOCKOVER - Verified by Europages really competitive ! Kitchenware, Cookware, Tableware, Beauty and Hygiene, Linens, Household, Luggages etc. Our team offers a key service, simple, fast and efficient, from the order to the...

    Supplier of: tableware | tableware | Linen | stock clearance products | wholesale [+] surplus stock bought and sold | stock clearance wholesaler | wholesale online | kitchenware | items for the home | homeware | personal hygiene products | beauty products | equipment for the home | kitchen accessories

    • Chef Knife - Wholesaler Chef Knife - Wholesaler Tableware
    • Santoku knife - Wholesaler Santoku knife - Wholesaler Tableware
    • Scissors - Wholesaler Scissors - Wholesaler Kitchenware
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    PORTUGAL- Moita Marinha Grande

    Welcome to the MP Drink® World We are pioneers in the industry and hold one of the largest ranges in the world of cups and utensils. We invest in models and colors with ergonomic designs and...

    Supplier of: Moulds, plastic and rubber industry | Moulds, precision | 3D printers | Injection moulding of rubber and plastic | Injection, plastics - machinery [+] plastic | plastic articles | plastic cups | plastic heat welding | mechanized welding | subcontracting and mechanized welding | 3d design | 3d printer | pad printing | pad printing plastic materials

    • Bowl Bowl Bowl
    • Dessert Plate Dessert Plate Dessert Plate
    • Soup plate Soup plate Soup plate
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    ICE COOL LIMITED - Verified by Europages

    Introducing the revolutionary Hielo® wine cooler From Ice Cool Design comes the Hielo®: a simple and stylish new way to keep wine chilled on the tabletop, inspired by contemporary bistro dining and...

    Supplier of: Tableware | ice-buckets | stylish | intelligent | hielo® wine cooler [+] wine cooler

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    RUSSIA- Kolchugino
    KOLCHUGINSKII MELKHIOR - Verified by Europages

    ...Melkhior, founded in 1896, produces crockery, tableware (spoons, forks and knives) and kitchen accessories out of cupronickel and copper. For 120 years we have been keeping the traditions and improving the...

    Supplier of: Tableware | Crockery | Houseware, copper | Houseware, metal | Spoons, forks and knives [+] collectors' cups | copper pot | teapots | plate set | cutlery canteens | cutlery | original english cups and mugs | kitchen knives | glasses | kitchen accessories

    • Tableware Tableware Tea glass holders
    • Tableware Tableware "The Hunter’s Cabin" - tableware for table setting
    • Tableware Tableware Silvered utensils
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    RUSSIA- Yoshkar-Ola
    TALIVENDA LLC - Verified by Europages

    Talivenda manufactures eco-friendly wooden stirrers for vending machines, stirrers for the HoReCa, ice cream sticks and spoons, cosmetic and medical spatulas. The company' s products are made from...

    Supplier of: Tableware | cartons, tableware and other disposable utensils | Medicine and surgery - items and supplies | Disposable medical and surgical articles | Beauty care - instruments [+] Catering supplies | accessories for vending machines | biodegradable packaging | wooden spatulas for waxing | ice cream spatula | disposable spoons | single use spoons | icecream sticks | environmentally-friendly products | supplies for confectioner's

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    RUSSIA- Cherepovets
    ECOARMY - Verified by Europages

    ...and production of disposable wooden eco-tableware. The manufacture of Ecoarmy is located in Vologda region. We have various products of our own design: plates, spoons, forks, knives as well as complete picnic sets. Our...

    Supplier of: Cardboard - disposable tableware and articles | tableware | cartons, tableware and other disposable utensils | production of disposable eco-tableware | wooden disposable tableware [+] eco-tableware | disposable tableware | tableware wooden | biodegradable wooden tableware | environmentally friendly tableware | Crockery | camping accessories | plates | environmentally-friendly products | wooden objects

    • Fork Fork The disposeble wooden fork
    • Plate Plate The large plate
    • Spoon Spoon The disposeble wooden spoon
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    VIET NAM- Ho Chi Minh City
    MMAYR TRADING CO, LTD - Verified by Europages

    Our company MMAYR Trading Co, Ltd. specialises in the procurement of sustainable, fairly produced and environmentally friendly products. We procure products that contribute to the sustainable...

    Supplier of: tableware | Ecological housekeeping products | concentrated fruit juices | dried fruit | natural fibre fabrics [+] designer furniture | biodegradable bags | oxygen concentrator | coatings for wood and paints for glass | biodegradable straws | vegan toothpaste | handmade weddingdresses | luxury timber edge tables | medical gloves | ppe

    • BAGS BAGS cotton,jute,woven,non woven, mesh, tableware
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    RUSSIA- Smolensk
    CRAFTY HOUSE - Verified by Europages

    ...textiles made of linen fabrics, disposable tableware made of bio-based materials, paper bags and other conscious consumption goods. The environmentally friendly products by Crafty House help support the concept of zero waste by...

    Supplier of: Tableware | Paper - disposable tableware and articles | disposable eco tableware | Linen fabrics | Paper bags [+] Spoons, forks and knives | textile accessories | biodegradable plates | disposable forks | disposable spoons | fabric bag | natural textiles | tablecloths for restaurants | table linen for restaurants | tablecloths

    • A set of 160 mm fork and 160 mm knife and 240 mm paper napki A set of 160 mm fork and 160 mm knife and 240 mm paper napki A set of 160 mm fork and 160 mm knife and 240 mm paper napkin, salt and pepper i
    • A set of 160 mm fork and 160 mm knife and 110 mm little spoo A set of 160 mm fork and 160 mm knife and 110 mm little spoo A set of 160 mm fork and 160 mm knife and 110 mm little spoon and 240 mm paper n
    • A set of 160 mm fork and 160 mm knife and 240 mm paper napki A set of 160 mm fork and 160 mm knife and 240 mm paper napki A set of 160 mm fork and 160 mm knife and 240 mm paper napkin in a paper package
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    RUSSIA- Moscow
    DOECO - Verified by Europages

    DoECO is a Russia owned and operated trademark part of the GDC group. We provide a complete range of sustainable packaging solutions which are 100% locally designed and developed in full compliance...

    Supplier of: Food packaging | Paper, packaging - manufacture | Custom packaging | food containers | food boxes [+] food-grade containers | trays for food packaging | packaging trays for the food processing industry | organic produce packaging | take away food containers | food packaging wholesale | salad containers | fast food packaging | paper and cardboard containers for the food industry

    • “Kraft” crimped-paper plates “Kraft” crimped-paper plates Kraf-paper plate for food
    • Сhopsticks in individual package Сhopsticks in individual package Chopsticks in individual paper and plastic package
    • Flatware pocket Flatware pocket Kraft flat pockets for chopsticks, tableware, and other goods
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  • ...toothpicks, custom toothpicks, chopsticks, tableware, flatware, toothpick flags, cocktail flags, stick flags, flag picking, food picker, umbrella sticks, fancy sticks, cocktail sticks,...

    Supplier of: Catering supplies | bamboo skewer | artistic ceramics | toothpick flags | flag picks [+] bamboo sticks | cocktail sticks | cocktail parasol | bamboo boat oar | teppo skewers | bamboo straw | paper straw | coffee stirrers | bamboo chopsticks

    • Sushi chopsticks Sushi chopsticks DisposableTwin chopsticks/Chinese chopsticks
    • Bamboo cutlery Bamboo cutlery Disposable bamboo fork, bamboo knife&bamboo spoon
    • Bamboo food container Bamboo food container Disposable eco-friendly bamboo skin boat for food
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  • DRAGONEX VIETNAM MTV is a company based in Vietnam specialized in manufacturing Handmade handicraft products, beauty & Health products. We have decades of experience and we will help you put your...

    Supplier of: Bags | Bamboo and rattan items | bamboo | men's hats | baskets [+] fabric slippers | straw hats | fabric bags for clothing | summer straw hats | rattan bag | bamboo hats | hand fan | palm leaf bag | women's hats

    • palm plates palm plates palm plates
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  • ...even with frequent use. Stainless steel tableware and enameled products are manufactured in accordance with Russian standard GOST 24788-2018, European CE certification has also been passed....

    Supplier of: Tableware | stainless steel tableware | Houseware, steel | Crockery | Houseware, enamel [+] Enamels | household items | saucepans | pots and pans | kitchenware | stainless steels | production of enamel сookware | production of stainless steel cookware | cookware manufacturer

    • Mugs, bowls, salad bowl, plates Mugs, bowls, salad bowl, plates Mugs 0,25l-1l, bowls 0,6l-4l, salad bowl 2l, plates 2l 2,5l
    • Crockery in a bright design Crockery in a bright design Crockery in a bright design: Splesh, metallic, black
    • Pots and Stewpans Pots and Stewpans Stainless steel items
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    VIET NAM- Hanoi
    VDECOR VIETNAM CO LTD - Verified by Europages

    VDECOR VIETNAM CO LTD is a company based in Hanoi, Vietnam, specialized in the design and manufacturing of furniture and decorations. We are inspired by the ancient and diverse handcrafting culture...

    Supplier of: Home Furniture | furniture design | artisan furniture | storage baskets | bamboo pendant light [+] wicker baskets | decorative vase | wall decor | bamboo and rattan items | bamboo bowls | home accessories | home decorations | home décor | coffee table

    • Natural Round Seagrass Tissue Holder Natural Round Seagrass Tissue Holder Shop
    • Mosaic Mother of Pearl Lacquer Coasters Mosaic Mother of Pearl Lacquer Coasters Shop
    • Mint Colour Spun Bamboo Bowl Mint Colour Spun Bamboo Bowl Shop
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  • PAOLA C.
    ITALY- Milano
    PAOLA C. - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: tableware | Ornamental ceramics | Ceramics, handicraft | ceramic | dinner services

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    GERMANY- Düsseldorf
    SANYEI (DEUTSCHLAND) GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Tableware

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    TURKEY- Gaziantep items, steel cookers and pans bamboo tableware porcelain dinnerware, whole purchaise in one supplier. 100 brand, 1000 categories, 20000pcs different items and 5000sqm. Acting with the...

    Supplier of: Glass hollowware - household articles | small electrical kitchen appliances for communities | cutlery | porcelain dinnerware sets

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    RUSSIA- Volchov

    The Volhov and Shugozero wood painting companies concern themselves with handicraft in the centuries-old traditional wood painting style of the Leningrad Oblast. We produce objects that reflect...

    Supplier of: Handicraft | Wooden toys | Souvenirs and advertising items | decoration articles | gift items

    • ECO Decorative plate ECO Decorative plate Shugozersky painting
    • ECO Decorative plate ECO Decorative plate Shugozersky painting
    • ECO Decorative plate ECO Decorative plate Volkhov Rosan No. 5
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    RUSSIA- Partizansk, Vladivostok

    We produce the disposable ecofriendly cutlery and tableware. It is biodegradable spoons, forks, plates and other utensils made of 100% birch wood. The market of disposable cutlery is changing, some countries...

    Supplier of: Disposable tableware and articles made of paper, cardboard and plastic | tableware | cutlery | biodegradable | ecofriendly

    • Fork 120-165mm Wooden Ecofriendly Fork 120-165mm Wooden Ecofriendly Disposable Biodegradable Cutlery made of wood
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    IRELAND- Donegal

    ...kits comprising of kitchenware, glassware, tableware, plasticware, pictures, furniture, bathroom fittings, stainless steel cookware and much much more..Brands include: Pyrex Glassware, Steelux...

    Supplier of: Tableware | houseware supplier | hardware wholesaler | homeware | lodging kits

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  • Husk's Green Technology CO., LTD. is one of the industry leaders specializing in eco-friendly houseware. Our products achieve perfect balance between functionality and product safety and can protect...

    Supplier of: Tableware | eco-friendly | 100% biodegradable

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Stockport

    As one of the leading tableware & foodservice providers in the UK, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive portfolio of ‘Front of House’ solutions. Designed to meet the demands of your establishments, we stock...

    Supplier of: tableware | Catering supplies | porcelite | crockery | bespoke crockery

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    GREECE- Thessaloniki

    Exoplistiki Ellados ("Equipment of Greece") is a wholesale company providing professional and household equipment to restaurants, hotels and markets all over Greece since 1985. We proudly produce...

    Supplier of: tableware | Catering - machinery and equipment | catering equipment | food machinery | kitchenware

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    SWEDEN- Sigtuna

    We supply Crow Canyon Home enamel to the European market. We specialize in traditional white with color rims and splatter enamel tabletop, drink ware, baking and serve ware. We offer the largest...

    Supplier of: Tableware | enamel | porcelain | serveware | glass jars

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  • Chinese professional primary manufacturers, designers & exporters Drinkware and Thermosware, such as Thermos/Vacuum Flask, Travel/Desk Mug, Sports Bottle, Plastic/Aluminum/Stainless Steel Sports...

    Supplier of: Tableware | thermos flasks | travel mugs | vacuum flasks | water bottles

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  • Karosa Chinaware Co. Ltd was established in 1968, which comprises a group of elite designers and technicians from France, who expertize in professional chinaware decal design and processing. We...

    Supplier of: tableware | Porcelain - products for industry | dinnerware sets | embossed gold decoration

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    RUSSIA- Saint-Petersburg

    Company loctes in Saint-Petrsburg Russia. in a few years satisfied regional client. The company manufacture wooden products for follow ways - in kitchen products such as: cutting boards, trays, bread...

    Supplier of: tableware | Boxes and crates, wood | wooden boxes | carving board | wooden bread boxes

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  • Jieyang Hegang Stainless Steel Products Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional stainless steel cutlery and kitchenware manufacturer integrating design, manufacture and sales, located in the "Chinese...

    Supplier of: Tableware | tableware | stainless steel | cutlery | kitchenware

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