ZOT121PCP(TLI)(Touch Panel and LCM Integration) is a revolutional open frame worry-free(calibration-free, foggy free, dust-proof, water proof) 12.1" projective capacitive 10 points multi-touch touchscreen monitor with hdmi/vga/dvi/usb/audio. With 12.1" 10 points multi-touch touchscreen Touch Panel and LCM Integratio structure, ZOT121PCP(TLI) is a revolutional solution for the outdoor water proof touchscreen for mission critical applications. Because PCAP sensor's X/Y channels are consolidated in individual columns and rows, it makes multi-touch possible and calibration-free: With the diamon transparent conductive layer is attached to the LCD module,the touch panel of ZOT121PCP(TLI) integrated the state-of-art high quality sensitivity, durability and optical transparency touchscreen with the industrial display. The ZOT121PCP(TLI) is calibration-free, foggy free, dust-proof, water proof and most of all: worry free.

Numerical control systems - minicomputers and mainframes
  • touch monitor
  • touchscreen monitor
  • touch screen

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