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AMT&C LLC offers a full range of services in calculations, design and manufacturing of permanent magnet assemblies with required magnetic field configuration. Many years experience in complicated magnetic systems production combined with application of modern most effective magnetic materials permit us to reach high parameters: - to produce, with permanent magnet systems, the magnetic flux density up to 3 Tesla and more; - to reach high homogeneity up to 105; - to create magnetic systems with complicated field pattern; - to produce adjustable magnetic field generators on the basis of permanent magnets. The magnetic field changing rate in such systems can reach 10 Tesla per second.

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AMT&C LLC developed several types of axial magnetic field systems of permanent magnets that allow to reach highly homogenous field in a wide ranges of magnetic flux density and working area size. Examples of magnetic systems, given in the table, represent typical axial field systems that were designed and manufactured according to customized technical requirements. At your request the magnetic field source will be optimized to get the required parameters.

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The compact system of permanent magnets NdFeB, designed according to the principle of the dipole Halbachstructure, allows to get, inside the bore, rather homogeneous magnetic field with the magnetic flux density up to 23 Tesla. The system can be an efficient alternative to electromagnetic sources of the magnetic field, and can be used in scientific and applied research requiring magnetic fields of high intensity. Geometrical dimensions and magnetic flux density in Halbachtype systems can vary widely, the attached data and photos are typical examples. AMT&C LLC offers the manufacturing of steady magnetic field systems according the customer technical specifications. To improve the temperature stability the system can be assembled of SmCo magnets.

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This type of highly intensive magnetic field generator is based on the dipole Halbach structure principle and offers the possibility to vary the field value, including field polarity reversal, from –Bmax up to +Bmax. The magnetic induction vector is directed transverse to a cylinder-shaped working bore. The field direction is constant; the field uniformity is ±0.5%. The system is PC-controlled, so it is possible to assign various time profiles of the magnetic field. It is important, that it is possible, using these permanent magnet assemblies, to reach rather high field modulation rates – up to 10 T/sec. AMT&C LLC offers the production of the adjustable field systems under customer specifications. In case the high field uniformity and high field changing rate are not needed we can offer various types of simple adjustable systems. For example, the shown device has symmetrically moving poles so the inductance in the central point can be changed in limits from 0.1 to 1 T.

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AMT&C Group designs and manufactures magnetic equipment for domestic, industrial and scientific applications on the basis of permanent magnets and electromagnetic systems. The Group produces: —permanent magnet systems of highly intensive magnetic field (magnetic indicators of flaws, magnetic field sources of various shapes); —magnetic electrical and electronic measuring instruments for laboratories and re-searchers; —electromagnetic equipment. AMT&C focuses on contemporary areas of applied magnetism: energy-independent gas shut-off valves, electric actuators and electric machines with extremely high energy conversion effi-ciency, sprung in-wheel motors, scientific instrumentation and magnetic systems for control-ling endoscopic GI examination capsules. The Group designs and manufactures powerful magnetic systems for science and industry (magnetic separators, iron separators), as well as search coil magnetometers and devices for measuring magnetic quantities. AMT&C conducts R&D in magnetic hyperthermia, precision targeted magnetic field controlled desorption of drugs, magnetic refrigeration, as well as in methods of manufacturing nanoscale and nanostructured materials. AMT&C Group started its operations in magnetic equipment and technologies market in 1999 and currently benefits from over 40 years of scientific and practical experience in the field of magnetism and its applications.

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AMT&C scientific publications in 2022

AMT&C scientific publications in 2022

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The R&D activity of AMT&C Group based on more than 40 years of scientific and practical experience in the field of magnetism and its applications, which is a key factor in the design of innovative equipment. In terms of publishing research results, in 2022 AMT&C published significant articles "Magnetic Hyperthermia Nanoarchitectonics via Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Stabilized by Oleic Acid: Anti-Tumour Efficiency and Safety Evaluation in Animals with Transplanted Carcinoma" and "Optimization of Zn–Mn ferrite nanoparticles for low frequency hyperthermia: Exploiting the potential of superquadratic field dependence of magnetothermal response”, and the book “Magnetic Materials and Technologies for Medical Applications. 1st Edition" (Elsevier). The full list of publications can be found at


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