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Clothes of this category are excellent value for money. Grade A clothes have very slight or moderate wash/wear, are in good condition, without holes or major stains, and are still very attractive for customers Grade B has more signs of wear than Grade A, but its price is lower Clothing of popular American brands Packages in 100 lbs/45 kg bales Sorted into over 90 categories Best value for money Our Grade A/B clothing is carefully sorted by our experienced employees. Every day we carry out a quality control so that each time our customers could receive the top-quality product they expect. You can choose among many categories: women’s, men's and children's clothing, suitable for your market. We export containers with Grade A/B clothing to Africa, Latin America and Asia. After sorting, the clothes are pressed into bales of 100 lbs/45 kg, and each bale is marked with a label with the product name, weight and bar code.

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We offer used clothing from the USA of premium/cream quality. Clothes in this category are of the highest quality among our products. Premium/cream clothing: - is in perfect condition, with virtually no signs of wear - is fashionable and up to date - often comes with trendy clothing brands popular in the USA - is perfect for sale on demanding European markets We pack the premium/cream grade clothing in durable bags of 55–44 lbs/24.9–20 kg. The clothes are folded so that they would not be creased and could be placed on store hangers right after unpacking. Each bag with premium-cream grade clothing is weighted, labelled and sealed for safe storage and transport.

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We offer used clothing from the USA in large bales. Mixed Rags, also called Institutional Rags, is a mix of clothing evident signs of wear, offered at a very attractive price. A mix of women's, men’s and children’s clothes, household rummage, jackets, sweaters, etc. Most clothes in this category have flaws, such as stains, holes, fade, missing buttons, etc. The mix contains clothing of popular American brands Clothes of this category are packed in large bales weighing between 340 and 450 kg / 750 to 1000 lbs. We load up to 25400 kg/56000 lbs of Mixed Rags to each 40’ HC container.

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A&E Clothing, established in New Jersey, USA, since 1996, specializes in collecting, sorting, and wholesaling used clothing. With a solid reputation in the US market, we've decided to expand our operations by opening a new facility in Poland. At A&E Clothing Poland, we import, sort, and export used clothes worldwide. Leveraging our extensive experience from A&E Clothing Corp. in the US, our sorting plant in Poland adheres to the same high standards and processes. This ensures consistent, high-quality products for our customers. As one of the premier used clothing graders in Europe, we source our materials from the USA, particularly the New York Metropolitan Area. By sea, we transport the original materials to our Polish facility. Our commitment to US-sourced clothing quality is reinforced by positive feedback from our loyal clientele. Our mission at A&E Clothing is to deliver superior products and exceptional customer service, fostering enduring business relationships. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!


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Rozwojowa 7b

11-034 Tomaszkowo - Poland


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