AERIAL - From 6 years old

Up to 8.50 m high


Designed with a modular system of superimposed cubes, the Aérial range offers play spaces at monumental heights to children from 6 years old. Its geometric lines and bright colors give it a modern and bright aesthetic. In spite of its imposing appearance, the polycarbonate panels associated with compact laminate or barred grills that make up its structure, provide transparency, light and a sense of vertigo through its aerial aspect. Lookouts allow children to enjoy the panoramic view in complete safety and the new transparent tunnel passage allows them to see what is happening under their feet at a height of more than 4.50 meters! To go back down, all they have to do is slide down the straight or spiral tube slides of impressive length! The access to the upper levels is done by a series of horizontal and vertical nets to climb.

Playground equipment
  • children’s playgrounds
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  • Outdoor playground

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