AKIMist®“E” humidifier

Dry Fog Industrial Humidifier


Features Energy-saving industrial humidification systems with pneumatic spray nozzles producing Dry Fog**. With world-leading technology, our AKIMist® “E” produces ultra-fine “non-wetting” Dry Fog, which doesn’t wet the objects it touches. Prevents dryness and static electricity, enabling higher manufactured product quality and lower defect rates. The running cost is one-fifth of a comparable steam humidification system. For spaying chemical solution, chemical-resistant AKIMist® “E” TN is available. *1) Spray volume per one AKIMist® “E” with nozzle type 03C. AKIMist® “E” with nozzle type 03B: 3.3–13.2 ℓ/hr, nozzle type 04E: 3.0–12.0 ℓ/hr *2) Sauter mean droplet diameter of AKIMist® “E” with nozzle type 03C. AKIMist® “E” with nozzle type 03B: 12 μm, nozzle type 04E: 10 μm *3) Air consumption of AKIMist® “E” with nozzle type 03C and 03B. AKIMist® “E” with nozzle type 04E: 36–144 ℓ/min,...

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Product features

Spray capacity 2.4–9.6 ℓ/hr (*1)
Mean droplet diameter 7.5 μm (*2) (**)
Power consumption -
Water pressure -
Air pressure 0.3 MPa (ca. 3 bar)
Air Consumption 29–116 ℓ/min, Normal (*3)

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AKIMist 'E', by Ikeuchi: The highest quality dry-fog humidification system avail

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