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IKEUCHI EUROPE B.V. is the European sales subsidiary of H. IKEUCHI & Co., Ltd. Market leader in Asia, IKEUCHI is a Japanese industrial spray nozzle and humidifier system manufacturer. We are the first manufacturer of ceramic nozzles. As ‘The Fog Engineers’, we supply fog-generating and spraying products, as well as support and system designs for different industries and applications. We listen to your needs and analyze your situation to offer you the most reliable solution. Since our foundation in 1954, we have been supporting world global industrial spray nozzle and atomization requirements with innovative products, adding value to customers through spray engineering support. Offering a high quality is our standard. We guarantee the performance of the spray nozzles in terms of spray capacity, spray angle, and spray distribution. We also use advanced inspection equipment to measure the spray distribution and to inspect spray droplet diameter with a laser measurement.

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Features Easy installation and removal by just attaching a nozzle to this connector. Quick-detachable design helps to greatly reduce maintenance time. Easy mounting/dismounting with a knurled tab. Made of high chemical and heat resistant plastic (compared to PVC). Nozzle connector thread size is Rc 1/8″ or Rc 1/4″. Note: The upper-left photo is INCO with a wide-angle flat spray nozzle YYP series. Applications Cleaning Etching Stripping For the applications where precise spray alignment and/or periodic maintenance is required Quick-detachable nozzle connectors with thread size Rc1/8 or Rc1/4


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Features Cleaning inside pipes and tubes, moving itself by means of spraying solid stream jets in different directions as driving force. High impact jets effectively remove scale and dirt inside pipes. Applications Cleaning: Pipes, drains, water and wastewater pipes, tubes of heat exchangers and cooling machines Others: Removing scale and rust


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Features Taking in surrounding liquid, EJX series solution agitation nozzle spouts out 3-4 times more volume than the amount supplied. Simple structure and compact design suitable for multiple-nozzle arrangement. Applications Solution agitation, preventing deposition, uniformizing concentration and pH Cleaning in liquids Submerged etching Plating


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Features Self-cleaning nozzle header. Inner brushes for nozzle cleaning are built-in. By rotating inner brushes, nozzle orifices are cleaned thoroughly, and foreign objects inside the pipe are flushed out through the drain. Available in the manual brush-cleaning type (the inner brushes are rotated by turning handwheel) and air-driven automatic type (which allows remote control of spray and cleaning modes). *1) Spray capacity per one nozzle (not per header). Applications [Steelmaking] In Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL), Electrolytic Galvanizing Line (EGL), Continuous Pickling Line (CPL), and Continuous Annealing Line (CAL)

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Disinfect with fine fog at the entrance of public buildings

Latest project ・ Jun 16, 2020 read more Open In New icon

The fast spread of the current pandemic created an urgent need for public areas to be disinfected such as stores, offices, libraries, museums, etc. We have developed a disinfection unit that can be installed at the entrance of a public facility to assure disinfection of customers entering the premises. Check out our case study!


[IKEUCHI] (Quick-detachable) INVV/INVV-SS series nozzles

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