ALWA MOULD D backfilling compound

Fastest Backfilling Compound for Foam Moulds and RTM Pressure Injection Moulds


Our patented material is highly suitable to produce foam moulds and RTM pressure injection moulds. Advantages: • Large volumes of more than 2500 kg can be cast in less than 45 min. • Good castability • Hardly measurable linear shrinkage • High temperature resistance • Demoulding process after approx. 90 min. (after adding the last backfilling compound) • Chemical adhesion to polyester or vinylester gelcoat • Immediately after the first mould half has cooled down, the second mould half can be prepared • Copper pipes keep the mould surface on a nearly constant temperature • Post-curing is not necessary ALWA MOULD D backfilling compounds are the fastest system on the market. For the surface you can chose between two gelcoats: 1) ALWA MOULD COAT This is a vinylester gelcoat that is especially suitable for high-end surfaces. It can be polished to high-gloss. 2) ALWA EPF 10 This is an epoxy gelcoat that is easy-to-use and is recommended for parts, where high-gloss surfaces are not needed

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