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A.R.T.S. offers organic plant protection products derived from natural sources for control of various pests and diseases to keep your plants free from insects and diseases. A.R.T.S. provides two unique products to improve the resistance of plants and to stimulate blooming and growth.

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A.R.T.S Neem Granules is a natural product to enhance plant growth and protect plants soil dwelling pests. A.R.T.S. neem granules are the residue of Neem Seed Kernels after extraction of Neem Oil and are used as a natural and environmental friendly fertilizer and manure in farming and agriculture.


A.R.T.S. Flower Power is a bloom booster based on natural flowering promoters for boosting of flowering process for better yield and heavier buds. Following years of research A.R.T.S. has developed the unique biological bloom booster FLOWER POWER, a well-balanced combination of herbs, minerals, algae, microbes and other beneficial components promoting flowering and greatly increasing your yields.


A.R.T.S Terra Bact is stimulates and enhance the plant growth by naturalizing soluble salts left by particular or slow release fertilizers. *Liquid vegetable extract for neutralising and correcting soluble salt (harmful Fertilizer salts, such as chlorine, sodium, sulphate...). *Its effect is based on bacteriological processes that stimulate the available favourable microorganisms. *High concentration of natural trace elements and growth-promoting microorganisms. *The substances forming organic humus contained in TERRA BACT will improve and enrich your soil/coir. *Stimulates root growth. *Readily dissolves in water. *Dry matter: 40%; pH: 6.2.


Aphids-0 consists of insect soap made from nitrite salt and diluted alcohol solutions. It is very effective against all insects that are exposed to it.Insect soap is not very toxic for humans and animals. Aphids-0 creates a mechanical barrier over a crop, making the plant sap inaccessible to all the insects mentioned above.

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