Injection machine for viscous fluids and fluids with high sugar content.
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-INJECTOR MACHINE FOR FILLING cream, chocolate, jam, marmalade, dulce de leche, etc. into muffins, muffins, croissants and other bakery products in the same baking tray, avoiding unnecessary handling of the product. -For medium and large productions depending on the degree of automation of the bakery. 170-230 trays/h, approx. -Fully automatic: tray advancement, positioning for filling and tray outfeed. -The volumetric dosing of the product is exact and guarantees the same dose in all the injector needles. -The dosing control allows a very accurate weight regulation and the ease of working with a wide variety of fillings. -Different configuration elements of the machine can be modified according to the customer's needs: number of injection nozzles and distance between them, special injection needles, width of special trays, etc.

  • Food Processing
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  • cream injector machine


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