For the filling of large panettone products.
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PRODUCT: -Panettone 18cm in diameter and 22cm high. -The dulce de leche is injected hot. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MACHINE: -Injector adapted to the dimensions of the product with precise injection regulation. -The whole injector block, including the tank, nozzles and needles, is located inside a heated tank that keeps the product at a constant temperature of 40ºC. -Smooth belt conveyor with markings to place the panettones by hand and a scraper at the end to clean any remaining dough. -The machine injects four panettones at the same time and the injection is driven by a servomotor. ADVANTAGES: -Ease of use. The operator places the panettones on the marked belt and collects them at the end of the process. -Quick and easy cleaning thanks to the scraper and the removable head for complete cleaning and disinfection. -Safety in the working process. -Production increase: 400% depending on working conditions and parameters.

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  • Injectors
  • panetonne filling machine


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08120 La Llagosta-Barcelona - Spain