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Acoustic doors - Doorsorba


Doorsorba acoustic doors are extremely high performance sound reducing timber doorsets. These high quality doorsets are available in a wide range of finishes and are fire rated. Used in areas which require high sound reduction performance such as theatre, radio/TV studios, music rooms, interview rooms, cinemas, schools and confidential offices. Acoustic Performance Installation DOORSORBA acoustic doorsets are installed in a similar manner as normal timber doors. Doorsets are supplied at a moisture content of 6-12% and should not be brought on site until conditions are suitable. Wet trades should be complete and the building dried out and brought to normal working room temperature. DO NOT build-in or install frames as first-fixings. 1. Check the sizes of the doors, the frames and the openings prior to starting installation. Only skilled tradesmen should undertake installation as correct fitting door/frame is imperative. 2. Frames should be fitted to the supporting construction...